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          暑期学校来了3〜  6年孩子!从三一周选择 - 为期一周的会议,还是混搭星期!

          GENERAL INFORMATION: LUNCH IS NOT PROVIDED, so pack a healthy lunch and bring an a.m. snack. Students must be fully potty trained for admittance. ADMISSIONS, ENROLLMENT & CANCELLATIONS: Enrollment is open to MCS students and the general public. T这里 is a $25.00 non-refundable registration/supply fee per student per session. Fees will not be prorated due to absence, late entry, early departure, or multiple siblings. NO REFUNDS will be given after classes begin, June 8, 2020. Students must be picked up no later than 12:30pm. A $2 dollar charge will be assessed for every minute that a student is picked up after official pick up times. ALL EMERGENCY MEDICAL RELEASE FORMS MUST be on file before the first day of class. For questions about the Summer Program please contact the 幼儿 office at (858)613-7803.

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          马拉纳瑟基督教学前教育(MCP)的承认,在最初几年孩子的需要与那些年龄较大的儿童的不同。我们看到在儿童早期的最伟大的智慧成长。研究表明,这是一次当大脑的发展最为迅速。 MCPS’的学习方式,准备每个学生达到他们的精神和学术potential.maranatha基督教学龄前儿童提供了一个全面的计划,鼓励和使用双手,在文学,艺术,科学,数学和音乐课程的挑战年龄适当的发展。蒸汽活动已纳入作为常规 学前课程的一部分。

          • 2-5岁的孩子创新教育计划
          • 幼儿园的准备
          • 小班制和低学生教师比例
          • 熟练教师在幼儿发展训练的





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